What's this about semi-liquid locking NFTs?
When you lock ZSP, a veZest NFT is minted to you. This NFT contains your locked token balance and lock expiry time. Your fees and claimable rewards are directly linked to your NFT.
veZest NFTs are interest-bearing. You can claim fees based on the amount of locked ZSP contained within your NFT.
This means you can sell or transfer your NFT to another user, who will then begin receiving fees and rewards as if they had locked the ZSP originally. They will also be able to claim the locked ZSP once the lock expires. If you transfer your NFT you will not get any tokens back once the lock expires.
Be sure not to send or trade your NFT, you will lose your locked balance and passive income from fees.


You have the option of extending your locked duration to increase your vlZest balance. But what exactly is vlZest?
You can see your predicted vlZest balance on the staking page when locking ZSP.
vlZest will be used for the governance of Zest Protocol.