Simplifying Zest

ZSP, FTMz & FTM form the core of Zest.
Zest Protocol uses three distinct tokens to allow users to speculate on underlying assets whilst simultaneously receiving passive income.
ZSP (Zest Synthetic Protocol Token)
ZPS is the Zest protocol utility token via which participants are rewarded with fee revenue generated by the protocol.
FTM (Fantom)
The token we all know and love on the Fantom Opera network.
FTMz (Synthetic Fantom)
A synthetic version of the FTM token pegged 1:1 to the FTM price.
How does the Zest Protocol Operate & what do the different tokens do?
In order to mint FTMz token, a user must deposit FTM into Zest Protocol. This FTM then becomes the collateral for FTMz, and in return the protocol provides you with FTMz.
Using FTMz, you may speculate on the price action of FTM and take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. Additionally, you may earn APR by pairing FTM with FTMz and depositing LP tokens into Zest's farms.
Using our farms, you do not suffer any significant impermanent loss, yet earn much higher APRs than current single staking opportunities for FTM.
The rewards from farming can be locked or staked, further compounding the APR you receive through using Zest Protocol.