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Locking & Staking

Accrue passive rewards for Staking your ZSP
Staking ZSP
Users can stake their ZSP to accrue passive income. Staked tokens can be un-staked at any time and are not subject to any penalty for withdrawal.
Fees generated by Zest Protocol are allocated to users commensurate to their amount staked. Staking more ZSP will entitle you to receive more rewards.
Currently, all staking rewards are paid as FTM. This means no negative sell pressure on the ZSP protocol token.
Locking ZSP
Lock your ZSP for a minimum 8 week period (56 days) earn rewards in ZSP and FTM.
Users who lock their tokens will earn fees via:
  • Penalty Fees
  • Platform Fees
There are two lock buttons on the front-end Lock and veZest Lock.
The Lock button locks for the default 56 days or 8 week period only. Use the veZest lock button to customise your lock time or view your vlZest (governance vote) balance with this lock.
Locked tokens cannot be withdrawn until the lock period has expired