How is ZSP distributed via Farming Rewards
The rate at which ZSP is emitted decays over time, is balanced to both incentivise early providers of liquidity, whilst ensuring Zest Protocol remains an attractive investment proposition.
The Zest Protocol team has noticed many projects decrease the emission rate too quickly, promising extremely high emission rates to begin with, then quickly reducing these rates within the weeks after launch.
Whilst having high emission rates at launch does create extremely attractive APRs, it is also the death of most projects; causing relentless sell pressure and creating a binary ownership pool where a few users own a high percentage of the outstanding tokens.
This polarity creates unstable price action as at any time a whale can cripple the project.
To avoid this, the Zest Protocol launches at a moderate, yet attractive APY, with the emission rate reducing daily.
First 2 Week Emission Decay Rate
Second 2 Week Emission Decay Rate
Third 2 Week Emission Decay Rate
Fourth 1 month Emission Decay Rate
Fifth 2 month Emission Decay Rate
Six 3 month Emission Decay Rate
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