Burn Lottery

Enter the lottery for a chance to win ZSP, whilst burning ZSP
The burn lottery is a smart-contract that sells tickets to a lottery. Each ticket costs 5 ZSP.
50% of all ZSP is burnt once the lottery is drawn, the remaining 50% is split between 2 winners.
Initially, we will conduct 1 draw per week. Access the burn lottery from the staking page.
Press Enter Lottery to view more details
You can view detailed statistics on the lottery from the enter lottery view.
The odds of winning are calculated by the formula, where TE is the total number of entries or tickets sold, and E is your number of entries.
TEE+TE\frac{TE}{E + TE}
The prize pot shows the amount of ZSP and USD value that the winner receives, not the total ZSP taken in ticket sales.