Zest Protocol

Auto-Compounding Vaults

How can we make farming better for you?
When providing liquidity to Zest Protocol, you have the option of depositing your LP tokens into our in-house auto-compounding vault.
Our auto-compounder interface.
You can access the autocompounder by opening the farm view, for FTMz-FTM or for ZSP-FTM.
Simply press Approve, then Deposit To Vault
How it works?
When you deposit your LP tokens into our vault, we deposit it back into Zest Protocol's farms. You receive a zVault token as a receipt of your deposit.
Never trade, or swap your zVault token. You need it to withdraw your deposit.
Every ~2 hours the vault is compounded (you can compound sooner for all deposited users by pressing the Harvest button). The vault will claim all pending rewards and sell them for FTM, before reinvesting the profit back into the farm.
Over time, you will be able to observe that your Deposited LP amount increases as the vault compounds it.
We take a 3.5% fee of profits from the harvest, this does not come out of your deposits, only the profit earned. We use this to buyback and burn ZSP.
You can use the Zap function to create LP tokens with only FTM, saving you time and effort. Simply withdraw your LP tokens and then deposit them into the vault.
Zest's vaults are a 1:1 fork of Firebird Finance Vaults, which have been audited by Certik, Hacken and PeckShield.