🏃‍♀️ Quick Start

You didn't want to read all of that?
A quick recap of what Zest Protocol is about:
  • We currently offer a synthetic Fantom (FTM) token, FTM-Zest (FTMz) - backed by collateral.
  • View the protocol's collateral at any time, our protocol never has less than 90% collateral available and often 100%
  • Earn attractive APRs by depositing in our farms, with little to no impermanent loss on FTMz-FTM. More risk tolerance? Check out our ZSP-FTM farm.
  • Receive rewards by staking or locking your rewards. Get an interest-bearing veZest NFT as proof of your deposit and trade your locked tokens on a secondary market.

Start Farming with FTMz

Zap In
Mint and Create LP Manually
Zapping in means that our contracts will market buy assets to deposit into our farms for you. This can result in you not getting the best price execution. We recommend, for larger deposits, to perform these steps manually (see creating manually)
  1. 1.
    Choose the farm you want to deposit into from our farm page and open the farm
  2. 2.
    The zapping interface should be in-front of you
3. The default slippage is 0.5%, if you want to change this please press the settings icon.
4. Press Zap In, once the transaction has completed you will begin earning rewards straight away.
Zapping is convenient. This is performed on a testnet, all APRs displayed are purely illustrative and may not reflect mainnet values.
  1. 1.
    Mint FTMz by heading over to our minting page
  2. 2.
    Press Mint, after the transaction has completed you will be prompted to then collect your tokens (this is a security measure).
How to mint FTMz: Note that this is performed on a testnet build, therefore all APRs displayed are purely illustrative.
3. Create an LP on SpookySwap using your freshly minted FTMz and FTM.
4. Deposit your LP in the FTMz-FTM farm

Claiming Rewards

Rewards accrue every block you have deposits in any of our farms. If you have pending rewards, the claim rewards button will be available to you.
Simply press the Claim All Rewards button to get your rewards.
Claimed rewards are vested, therefore, they do not go into your wallet. View your vesting rewards and withdraw early from the staking page.
You can press Claim All & Lock to claim your rewards, withdraw them with 50% penalty early, and lock them. This will lock your rewards for 56 days.

Withdrawing Rewards With Penalty

From the staking page, you can view rewards being vested to you. Reward vesting takes 56 days, but you can withdraw them immediately for a 50% penalty.
288.9 ZSP is being vested to the user. Learn how to withdraw them by taking a 50% penalty.
By clicking the Claim With Penalty button, you can withdraw half of your vesting rewards immediately.
Half of your vesting amount is withdrawn to your wallet, the other half is distributed to all those who lock their ZSP.

Locking ZSP

By locking ZSP, you gain all the penalty fees taken from users who choose to withdraw their rewards before vesting. You additionally earn 90% of all protocol fees which is distributed to you in FTM.
Locking ZSP is easy! Your locked balance and unlock time is then displayed to you.
Once you've locked ZSP, you receive a veZest NFT.

Increasing lock duration

If you want to earn extra governance points, known as vlZest. Or perhaps to increase the value of your veNFT, you can lock your ZSP for longer.
Lock ZSP for additional time to receive vlZest.